Patch Notes

Server termination on 29/10/2021 First off let me thank anyone that has played the server and been part of the journey, its been awesome developing and running the game for you all. However, I have decided to close the server down for good due to real life reasons. I am unable to commit any time and for that I am sorry. Over the past 2 months I have tried to do what I can but its just not possible. Thank you so much for playing, server will remain online until Oct 29th for anyone that wants their remaining fix. XP and Drop rate has been increased significantly for a bit of fun ? Can a moderator please close this thread and archive the server. Thank you

Server termination on 29th October First off let me thank anyone that has played the server and been part of the journey, its been awesome developing and running the game for you all. However, I have decided to close the server down for good due to real life reasons. I am unable to commit any time and for that I am sorry. Over the past 2 months I have tried to do what I can but its just not possible. Thank you so much for playing, server will remain online until Oct 29th for anyone that wants their remaining fix. XP and Drop rate has been increased significantly for a bit of fun Can a moderator please close this thread and archive the server. Thank you

Server termination on 29th October First off let me thank anyone that has played the server and been part of the journey, its been awesome developing and running the game for you all. However, I have decided to close the server down for good due to real life reasons. I am unable to commit any time and for that I am sorry. Over the past 2 months I have tried to do what I can but its just not possible. Thank you so much for playing, server will remain online until Oct 29th for anyone that wants their remaining fix. XP and Drop rate has been increased significantly for a bit of fun

** NEW STUFF ** - 3 New Item sets; Loyal (Lv.400-410) / Nightmare (Lv.410-420) / Twisted (Lv.420-430) - 1 New Super Set; MirOS - Base Lv.1 and Improves through Lv.360-430 ranges - Some 'proper oldskool' random items. The classics. My favourites. GreatHelmet, Thunderring, Taocoronet etc. These items have super stats, but break on death, so dont wear them if you don't have a box of tissues near by. - New Stones from UltraFragmentLootBox Lv.318-430 [ DCFragment(16) - (30) etc ] - New UltraCrystalLootBox only dropping from ParaLord who has had a buff! - New Ultra Shards, and I mean all shards! - New SocketOrbs Lv.400-450 - 2x Brand new Companion pets exclusive to Gameshop. Has super fast pick up speed! - New 'Special ring' ~ FiegnDeathRing ~ 'Whilst wearing this ring you cannot take more then 25% of your Max HP in a single hit' - Rebalance of all Boss drop files - Server base EXP increased by 10% ** Changes / Balance / Fixes ** - Sabuk no longer ends when owner changes, lasts full 30 mins - Sabuk teleport in now has random teleport entry when war isn't on - YinYangBurst 10% damage nerf as was too close to damage of FlamingSword - Warrior HP Potion regene rate reduced - Sins HP Potion regene rate increased - PoisonCloud now lasts for 8 seconds (up from 6) but has a cooldown of 6secs (up from 3). MP Usage also increased - Wizards Blizard / Meteor strike no longer shared a cooldown and have had a few code improvements - Newbie (starter) buff goes up to Lv.360 - Reroll / repair costs for all items have been reviewed and greatly reduced gold costs for low level sets (Trance etc) ** SEASON PASS IMPROVEMENTS ** - Season Pass holders now get slightly better buffs - Season Pass holders can summon a Season Pet - SeasonTorch has been buffed - Season Pass holders get a 20% discount on Gold when using the Item Re Roll NPC! - Season rewards (normal + pass) revamped with newer, better rewards - Season Pass holders get an exclusive companion pet (Also available in Gameshop) - Season Buff boxes now expire after 3 days, so use them when you get them!

- **Level Cap increased to 400** - **New Item sets - Remorse / Flux / Void Lv.371 - 390** The above are in drop files and craftable via Mats - Mat Trade up is now done via TheBestNPCEver and you can spam click as much as you want - Mat trade up removed from crafting - LootBox crafting gold greatly reduced for all previous tier item sets - LvCapIncScrolls are no longer required to reach up to Lv400 - Disenchanting an item now gives between 50-80 Mats (up from 40-60) - Mats now weigh nothing and stack up to 8000 (up from 2000) - Easter Event removed. - RandomShardBox(HOLY) GameShop price reduced from 144mil to 50mil - Gold drops from Mobs increased (This should make mob hunting a bit more worthwhile and rewarding) - All mobs now drop a SpecialBox that contains a random prize - Boss + SubBoss drops reviewed and made better - Leveling cave/instances for Lv.370/380/390 added with Heroic/Insane versions at xx4 and xx8

** Easter Event ** -Hunt EasterBunnys that spawn in all caves as well as BW+GI -Bunnys have a chance to drop EasterEggs which can be opened for random prizes. -Find a GoldenEgg to reset your daily attempts at EasterHunt Instance -In the EasterHunt you will teleport into a time limited cave in an attempt to find the real EasterBox. Complete the task to be rewarded with an EasterChoc - a special Crystal item lasting 1 month. ** Other ** - EvilMir is now open again - YinYangBurst multiplier reduced from x3.4 to x3 - TDB multiplier is x1.9, Execute is x1.85 >30% and x2.3 <30% HP. - Disabled MirGod leveling up - Pet damage nerfed in PvP - Fixed a bug when withdrawing funds from Sabuk Wall - Item leveling reset enabled - Fixed a bug with Reflect - Fixed a bug where guild buff would cause max HP/MP to not go over 65k - Recode to how HP/MP scales with levels

- Changed chat colour of Guild and GM chat - Chat top left now has some colour code to it.. Items = Red. Currency = Yellow, Gold = Gold, PetPickup = Blue - It also lists up to 20 items, and lasts 15 secs - Pet Picked up message no longer spams chat box, instead shows top left - Group pick up messages are now in top-middle of screen like an announcement instead of spaming chat box - Daily x2 EXP Potion is now available via TheBestNPC as GameShop daily stock isn't working as intended. - OKS + Lords made harder but drops well worth it! (Based on feedback, a similar route will be taken for MirGod + EvilMir + MirEmperor) - Rift has been reduced to 10 floors. You can now obtain medals up to Lv.100 on Insane difficulty. Boss spawn location moved - High end difficult bosses have had a few improvements to their drops - PK EXP Gain/Loss is now within 10 levels instead of 15 - SuperPotionS now drops from mobs for Quest - Hunting cave EXP has been doubled - Leveling Cave EXP has been more than doubled - Starter items now have some extra special stats like EXP/Drop/Gold/Life steal etc - Lvl290 leveling cave now costs 1mil entry, level 300 costs 10mil entry - XL Shards now back in mob drops fairly common

- Start level is now 300 - New starters now have all spells at level 3 (instead of 0) - Starting items have been buffed in stats - Level requirement of Blaze/ Ember / Fury items have been lowered and staggered out better - All items under level 300 removed from Drop files / Crafting (If I've missed anything please report) - TheBestNPCEver update - removed old potions - RandomShardBox (S) - (XL) removed from drop files and holy etc rebalanced in drops - Justic/Valor NPC updated with mats for Divinity > Phantom and orbs removed - Crafting most items now no longer costs any gold. In most cases the craft would cost more than buying an item. Only the following LootBoxes now cost gold as follows: Blaze (10mil), Ember (25mil), Fury (80mil), Malice (150mil), Phantom (300mil), Delusions (500mil), Justice (800mil) Trading 40 Delusions shards into 10 Justice is free (1k gold) - You can no longer log out in OS BDD 2F and above. - You can now RT in ChaosTemple (Except KR) - The following caves now have a Boss spawn on every floor (excluding Mazes) and KR now has 2x Boss's at Lv9 or 10 to make it more exciting and challenging! Stone Temple, Prajna Cave, Turtle Temple, Prajna Temple, Sand Cavern, Snow Cave, MirLord, Ant Cave, Red Cave, Flaming Temple, SwampCavern, Depraved Temple, Infected Mine, Past Bichon Cave, Frozen Temple, Lunar Temple, Orc Town, Shipwreck - The following caves have been buffed and moved to Lv330+ caves; Red Cave, Flaming Temple, SwampCavern, Depraved Temple, Infected Mine, Past Bichon Cave, Frozen Temple, Lunar Temple, Orc Town, Shipwreck, OldSkool Temple - Reshuffle of order of the group caves. MirEmp/ EvilMir/ MirGod all to be re-done in future update [currently disabled] - BattleGround buffed and changed into higher level cave - Overhaul of all drop files hopefully making harder bosses more rewarding as well as the lvl9/10 bosses - SocketOrbs for lvl350+ kit added to drop files - New Item Type - Crystal. This item goes into the same slot as the Pumpkin during the Halloween Event. There are 146 different Crystals ranging from Acc/ Agil / HP / Defense / MC / SC / DC and Lv1-21 in strength/rarity. You can obtain a crystal from finding a CrystalLootBox then crossing your fingers when opening hoping for the best! Crystals only drop from bosses and Lv9-10 mobs - Durability orbs added to drop files but are super rare - Bit of a tidy up of the Gameshop - ExpPotion(Mega) now available for 100mil. ExpPotion(x1.5) and x2 added to shop for GG only. x2 is limited to 1 per day. - SabukWall is now a no-drop zone to promote some risk-free fighting - JusticeSword(WAR) Female glow fixed

**Holy Circle** - Tick speed has been reverted back to its original value 1.5s instead of 2.5s - Healing nerf remains in place. A single spell is not meant to make all ingame encounters easy - Fixed Auto Run issue with channeling, it should remove the channeling state properly now Basically spell should be the same as before but with less healing power, still powerful compared to healing. ** LMS ** - Pets die on LMS entry. You are not allowed to enter with pets, you can summon them inside though. - Ultimate enhancer buff removal on LMS entry - You'll receive 10x (HP)PvPDrug & 10x (MP)PvPDrug on entry, new type of potions that will only work inside lms (Make sure you have 2 free space in your bag otherwise you will get teleported with no potions), expires in 1 hour. - Guild war name color no longer appear in LMS - You can only summon 1 pet inside LMS - Queue period has been increased from 3 minutes to 5 minutes. ** Other changes ** - SoulShield now is a combined version of (BlessedArmour + SoulShield) it grants both ac & amc buff, blessed armor spell is removed. - Omega Items have been buffed AC5-5 AMC5-5 across all of the accessories. - Omega Belt has been increased from AC%+1 to +3 and HP Drain +4 - OmegaBoots have been increased from AMC%+1 to +3 and Reflect +4

**Change Logs** - HolyCircle cooldown has been increased from 1.8second to 4seconds - HolyCircle healing has been toned down a little. - New PvP Instance LMS **LastManStanding** Required Entry Level: 250 You can queue for LMS from PVP Instances via tele npc every day at specific times 2PM, 6PM & 10PM. (So LMS will be open 3 times every day) You have a two minute window to queue for the event. (Example if LMS starting at 2pm you can only queue during this period 2PM -> 2:02 PM) There will be maximum of 10 LMS instances at anytime. All Players will be same stats. look the same, no names no pots. **Prize** Last player alive will gain a 1 day expiry item LMSCrystal (Goes into crystal slot for pvp items)

** PROVINCE LORDS ** - BichonLord / WoomyonLord / SerpentLord / MongchonLord has a random chance to spawn in various floors in each hunting caves up to OrcVillage. - These lords are HARD! They are not for low levels. If you are a low level and you run into this boss, run the other way! - They use a similar AI to the original but with a little upgrade! - They are well worth fighting over ** PK REWARDS ARE BACK! ** - The old system of level up/down when under <Lv.250 is replaced by this system - You must Opt in/out of the system - You do this by clicking the CrossSwords button directly below the Paragon button - Clicking the button explains what it does and asks you if you want in or not - You can only enable the system every 6 hours, you can disable it whenever - You gain a 2% AC/AMC/DC/MC/SC stat buff that is both MIN and MAX stat - As the attacker, you will gain EXP if you kill anyone higher level, or within 15 levels lower than you. - When the mode is enabled, and you PK another player with it enabled, you will gain ..20% of their EXP, whilst they will lose 25% of their EXP. ..You can only gain this EXP 7 times in 1 day ..You can only gain a maximum of 1 full level in EXP, e.g. if a level 1 PKs a level 310, although they will gain say 200mil EXP, this will only make them level 2 ** BUG FIX / OTHER ** - MirLord had a bug with its drop file. This is now fixed, and is vastly improved - Green Poison / Burning / Bleeding can no longer kill you and removes itself leaving you with 1 HP. - OrcLord burning now does damage each tick - Recall set now has a 10min cooldown ** BUY BACK / SELL NPC ** You can now only sell Item accessories (Weap/Arm/Rings etc) to TheBestNPCEver. For all other items you want to sell, speak to his brother TheBestSellerEver (he is right next to him) Hopefully this'll stop people selling the wrong thing having to switch to a different NPC

**FREE EVENT POTION** - With such lovely weather Im sure you are all out grabbing some rays! We dont want you to fall behind so we are giving you a super charged EXP Event potion that gives x2 EXP for 2 hours. Claim the potion via the Board NPC whenever, you then have 5 days to use it at your convience. The time to claim this event potion is limited and will be removed next reboot. Remember to log out or leave your character in safezone to pause the buff! **NEW ITEMS** - New super RARE set called Omega. This set levels up at 250/280/310. It has no Armour / Weapon or bonus. It is a set in name only. To obtain an Omega item you must complete a puzzle - figure it out ;) - 8x 3 piece item sets. These sets are heavily focused around 1 stat, e.g. offense, defense, critical. They are rare. LEVELING - EXP required for levels 1-210 has been reduced by 60% - EXP required for levels 211-310 has been reduced in a linear rate. For example Level 240 is 50% easier. Level 270 is 29% easier. Level 290 is 15% easier. PARALORD - Paralord now drops a 3 hour expiry Recall set 1/1. This is very much a trial to see how this set plays out ingame and may remain perm or may be removed. We are interested to hear your feedback as it plays out - Paralord now drops a bunch of good EXP Pills - Paralord is slightly harder OTHER - More EXP Pills added to boss drops - Luck changed from 2 > 4 on GodlySwords - Spawn placement of Insect KR boss adjusted

** INSTANCES ** - ChaosTemple (2F 3F 4F) and SecretForest (3F 4F 5F) are now instances that you can go to 2x per day. - Drops from bosses are not group loot with need/greed and drop on the floor. - Normal is same strength as caves, but without global drops. - Heroic is 40% harder, and Insane is 80% harder. Both have improved drop rates over Normal. - The final boss that ends the instance is instance group loot, and everyone gets a personal prize - Mir Emperor instance drops have been improved - ChaosLord instance drops have been improved ** DROP FILE CHNAGES ** - MirLord mob drops improved - ChaosChampion drops improved ** OTHER ** - RTs now stack up to 25 - ElementalBurst damage increased (Live as of 25/05) and duration of debuffs time increased - MirLord defenses buffed - Drop potions now stop in safezone - Enhancement to anti-cheat system ** SPAWNS ** - OKS now spawns on OmaCave 3F - More BoneElites spawn in OmaCave 1F 2F - BoneLord now spawns in PSC 1F 2F 3F and KR. Higher level floor = higher level boss - EvilSnake now spawns in ST 1F 2F

** NEW ITEMS ** - Godly item set. Crafted only. The name says it all ;) - New (S) version of following Orbs: Accuracy / Agility / Disillusion / Endurance / Freezing / Poison / Storm - New Super + Mega Shard versions: Attack / Magic / Soul / Protection / EvilSlayer / Strike / Heavy / Strong / GoldFind ** MIR LORD PLAINS ** - New big open map with difficult but high EXP mobs. Mobs have rewarding drop files for their difficulty - MirLord spawns randomly every 2-5 hours with a Global shout. Has 1 of the best drops ingame and well worth a fight! ** CRAFTING ** - RandomItemLootBox for the following item sets: OldSkool, Sapphire, Savage, Emperor, Godly added to crafting. ** VALOR / JUSTIC VENDOR ** - You can now purchase OldSkool / Sapphire / Savage / Emperor Fragments from the vendor (used to craft random loot boxes) ** DROP FILE CHNAGES ** - Fragments added to monster drop files - EvilMir + OKS drop rates improved ** OTHER ** - EvilMir stats buffed + Drop rate buffed - Level caves now have a max level cap. A duplicate 290+ cave added. - Tooltips on gems/orbs changed - BW TM moved outside SZ to stop ppl/pets standing on it - PoisonScroll did no damage up close, it now does - ForestGolem damage buffed to bring in line with other bosses drop rates - Lvl240 spell book GG price reduced. Lvl270 book added. - DailyQuests have been given a large EXPFoodPill as additional prize The next update will contain a re-work to all instances + paralord.

**Ingame Changes** - Fixed Weapon Curse Level Difference Issue (You will no longer get weapon cursed when you kill a character 100 levels below you) - Preparation for new upcomming ice cave - Including Paragon Level & Player attributes for web Reports - Auto Export & Update Items Database for web ** Website Updates ** - New Rankings Category (Paragon Rankings) - New Rankings Category (Stats Highest ac/amc dc/mc/sc ingame) - New Screen to browse real live items database stats (Atm its demo data for preview, tomorrow gets enabled with real data)

** Pet Pick up Filter enhancements ** - Add Missing Gold, GoldBar, Goldbar bundle, Gold Chests to Gold Pick up - Fixed Orbs pick up Filter - Currency Scrolls has been added to LootBoxes Filter - Book Item types has been added to Items Filter ** Item Sets And Set Bonuses Rework ** Since we get many complaints and confusion out of the current set bonuses, we have decided to revamp it and make it so you earn every set bonus and they all get added up. But we had to distribute the attributes on all Set bonuses. instead of giving bulk stats. For Example **Before the change** Emperor-DC Set Would give you (1st Set bonus) + 50 DC (2nd Set Bonus) + 90 DC (You don't get 50 + 90 dc you only get 90 dc) (3rd Set bonus) + 90 DC + AC 60 Amc 60 (You still having the same +90 DC) ** After Change ** (1st Set bonus) +30 DC + 20 AC + 20 AMC (2nd Set Bonus) +30 DC (In total you have now + 60 dc) + 20 AC + 20 AMC (In total you have 40 AC/AMC) (3rd Set Bonus) +30 DC (In total you are now 90 dc from all set bonuses ) + AC 20 Amc 20 (In Total you are now 60 ac/amc from all set bonuses) ** Other Fixes ** - Fixed Weaken debuff not showing decreased stats correctly - Paragon Leveling & Season Leveling now works with Level up quests - Berserk has had reflect removed this was a mistake. It was never meant to reflect any damage. - Revival ring now works properly on dura 1

-Leveling mobs / bosses made easier -Leveled up mobs and bosses have had their attack % inc reduced, starting to scale a bit too much and making leveled bosses impossible -Server base EXP permently increased by 20%! -Added acc/agil to the * items level 250+ -Level up shouts has been removed for level 50 -Guilds cap adjusted, account alts will no longer count (Fixed clientside member count/max) -Guilds now can add up to 10 newbie characters without getting their members count incremented, Newbie characters are below level 220, once you reach 220 you will automatically be kicked out of the guild.

- EvilPlant no drop issue has been fixed - EarthKing No longer casts his absorb orb when no one is around, Also damage absorption mechanic has been nerfed a little. (you will still need to stop attacking when it happens.) - Season Badges no longer drop on death - Inspect Items tooltips (Reduced tooltip lines to fix long tooltips not appearing) - ItemSet bonus fixed for Sapphire/Savage/Emperor - Level 250+ level caves now work

** Season 2 ** -All paragon levels reset to 0 -Everyone rewarded SeasonBadge with stats based off paragon level you achived in season 1. This item lasts until Season 2 where the process repeats (levels reset, new item rewarded) The stats of the item are as follows: MinAC/AMC - 12.5% | MaxAC/AMC - 25% MinDC/MC/SC - 25% | MaxDC/MC/SC - 50% At level 100 your paragon item will be ac12-25 amc12-25 dc/mc/sc25-50 -Your season level will be reset to 0 -Brand new season rewards will be put into the Season Prize list ** NEW START LEVEL + REDUCED EXP ** -New characters now start at 50 with some starting items -EXP for levels 50-250 has been made easier on a sliding scale (e.g. Lvl 50 is ALOT easier, level 240 is a little easier) ** NEW CAVES ** SecretForest - [Lv. 240+] Opens 24/04 - Boss: EvilPlant + EarthKing + ForestGolem ChaosTemple - [Lv. 260+] Opens 01/05 - Sub-Boss: ChaosGuardian + ReinBeast Boss: ChaosMage + ChaosChampion + UndeadHound + ChaosLord Iceland - [Lv. 280+] Opens 08/05 - Boss: ChaosOrb + SeaDemon + Blastoise + IceGoddess New leveling caves up to 300 -OmaCave has been reworked into a level 220 cave -StoneCave has been rewroked into a level 230 cave -PrajnaCave has been reworked into a level 250 cave ** NEW ITEMS ** -New item sets up to level 310 with both offense and defense version -3 rare item sets (with set bonus) - Sapphire / Savage / Emperor -New Weapons and armours up to level 300 -A bunch of unique items focused around 1 stat, e.g. CriticalRing, AccuracyBrace etc.

** NEW SPELLS ** -- Warrior -- Execute - Does huge damage to targets under 30% HP. Does moderate damage to those over 30% HP. Casts the same as TDB Berserk - Reduce AC/AMC by 35% to gain 15% damage buff. Lasts 20 seconds. Shares cooldown with counter attack. -- Wizard -- ThunderStrike - Single target ranged attack. does x3 damage to monsters. Has a chance to apply stun affect ElementalBurst - 3x3 attack around body. Chance to be 1 of 3 effects. Yellow = Damage. Blue = Slow effect. Red = Burn effect. -- Taoist -- YinYangBurst - High damage single target attack. 10sec cooldown and high MP cost. Healing Circle - cast a healing circle on the floor. Enemies are damaged whilst allies are healed. This spell must be channelled. -- Assassin -- Weaken - Melee a target to apply a debuff to target that lowers their AC and AMC by 20%. Duration based on Accuracy. 1 acc = 0.5 secs. SmokeBomb - Throw a smoke screen which covers a 2x2 area (4 targets). Targets inside of this gain x1.5 AC/AMC and x1.5 Agility. Lasts 6 secs with 60 sec cooldown. ** DROP FILE IMPROVEMENTS ** Lower level items now drop more often to help the lower levels catch up. Gold has been reduced significantly in lower level areas. Gold drops increased for subs/bosses. High level area gold has been increased significantly. ** Other ** UltimateEnhancer - UE now works on all party members 8 yards to the caster, If the target has another UE active with better values it will only update its remaining time. Item Tooltips - Reduced lines to fix inspect issue

** PATCH NOTES ** -Wizards now have 20% base damage reduction in PvP (no change PvE) -Pro ring no longer takes from MP, but instead is a flat damage reduction Wizard: Reduces damage by 20%. Taoist: Reduces damage by 10%. Warrior: This ring does nothing for you Assassin: This ring does nothing for you -Backstab damage changes from x1.4 multiplier to x1.35 -Counterattack now has to be "cast" rather than just turning on -ManaShards now give HP% and MP% -Life Shards all versions increased by 1% -Magicshield now has a buff icon showing stats and time remaining -The rate at which magicshield timer lowers when hit has been improved (more so in pve) -Hemeroage does 50% less damage in PvP -Meteor strike "start time" has been reduces from 800ms to 500ms (buff) -Bug fix for disenchanted items sometimes disapearring -Instances now always teleport you back to town on ending

** BUG FIXES ** According to patch notes on 16/03 Reflect was meant to be changed to do 20% down from 30%, however this change only happened in PvE not PvP. Therefore we have opted for the following balance changes: -Reflect now does 25% damage for both PvE and PvP PvE has got a 5% buff. PvP has got a 5% nerf. -The cooldown was only working vs mobs and not vs players. The cooldown now works on both, and is set to 2.5 seconds (up from 1 sec) * We will continue to monitor reflect in all areas of the game to see if it needs further changes. -TownTeleport now randomly teleports you to BW sz -TownTeleport now stops the timer from MirEmp / MirGod -AssassinsHook image fixed -Pets now teleport to players after 20secs if not in range ** BALANCE CHANGES ** -Assassins FanOfKnives does 4 hits, 2 of those hits now ignore AC, the other 2 hit Magic damage. -Drop rates changed for MirEmp Insane Instance. Can now only drop max 1 OS item per drop. ** OTHER ** -Players level 250+ no longer lose levels in PK, and you no longer gain their levels. In Season 2 level up/down from PK will be changed to be EXP trade instead. -Easter Event EXP and Drop buff removed.

** NEW ITEMS ** -New weapons for level 180/200/220/240 added to drops/boxes -New Armours for level 210/230/250 added to drops/boxes ** NEW CAVES ** [BattleGround] 16 bosses on short 30min respawns. You have 90 mins before you are ported back to town The map is a FIGHT zone so you can PK but do you lose/gain levels or PK Points. [MirEmperor] This is a group cave similar to MirGod where you can only enter KR once per day. Its harder than MirGod, and drops better. It has a unique AI that requires thought and tactics!! *This is both a Cave and an Instance. The Instance you can enter twice per day. *The Instance rewards a prize box to each person, as well as some group loot. ** OTHER ** -Re-roll cost calculation no longer increases dramatically when added HP/MP on the item. -Oldskool items drop rate has been reduced be half on all high level bosses. -Arena is currently disabled whilst we redesign and stop people abusing it. -Assassins backstab has been lowered by 20% as it was too strong when multiplying with other spells. -You can now slow sub bosses again ** BUG FIXES ** -PvP Power and Resillence was not calculating properly, and 8 stats would be 12 stats. We have now fixed this and until you hit the Diminishing returns cap, you will get the exact stats. This also applies to other Diminishing returns stats such as LifeSteal, Reflect, Crit Rate, Crit Dmg. PvpPower and Resillence DR cap starts at 20 -@home no longer randomly takes you to border village -OldSkool MC SC Set bonuses fixed

** ITEMS ** -Imperial, Ritual, Time, Orgres, Past, Ghost helmet have all had a base stat and acc/agil buff. As they were not part of the set, their stats were underwelming and pretty useless. -Level 200+ * items have been given some accuracy for wars (up to 3), HP for tao/wiz to make them more competitive. -OldSkoolArmours now have a 245 teir and look different for each class. -SuperTank and SuperGlassCanon armours are now ingame ** MIR GOD ** You can now enter as many times as you want. Once in KR you have 30mins before you are teleported to town. You cannot enter KR if boss is not alive -Spawns have been increased along the way -6x Lv.5 Guards have been placed along the route -Lv.5 mobs in KR are now Lv.4 ** INSTANCES ** -Boss HP has been reduced -Drops reworked on Insane bosses. ** OTHER ** -LootBoxes now stack to 25 -RandomTeleports now only stack to 5, and weight 3 -Arena now shouts when someone is waiting -LevelingBosses now have less HP -All Boss spawns reduced to 30mins ish. All Sub bosses reduced to 15mins ish. MirGod/EM no change. ** CRAFTING ** -MegaMagicGem/MagicOrb rates were bugged and dropped 1/1 but meant to be 1/50. These items are now called PleaseSellMe and are worth 200gold each. A new item "RefinedMagicGem / Orb" has been created with correct rates. -You can now craft 5 * RandomOrbBox with GemMaterial(50) InfusedMagicGem(5) RefinedMagicGem(1) -You can now craft 5 * SuperRandomOrbBox with OrbMaterial(50) InfusedMagicOrb(5) RefinedMagicgem(1) ** NEW CAVE ** [Shipwreck] is a new cave on Page4. Its aimed at level 220+. The Sub boss spawns in a slightly different way than you would expect! :) [WorldBoss] - There is now a world boss in both BW and GI, MirKing!! He awards personal Loot - MirKingBox. As long as you help kill him you will get the reward. It contains very nice items! You must be level 170+ to obtain BW prize and 200+ for GI Prize.

** MIR GOD CHANGES ** -You can now only attempt MirGod once per day. -The NPC will tell you if MirGod is in his KR -You have 2hrs to get to KR and kill him before you are teleported to town. -Respawn has been lowered to 3 hours. -More items added to its drop file. ** EVIL MIR CHANGES ** -EvilMir now has more HP. -Mobs have a 20% DC/HP/XP buff. -EvilMir drop files impoved a lot. ** GOLD FIND ** -GoldFind has been improved to make gold drops better. ** GUILD CHANGES ** -Guild cap is now based on per ACCOUNT not per CHARACTER. Cap is still 30. ** BUG FIXES ** -Diminishing returns was not applying correctly to LifeSteal. This is now fixed so expect a nerf for those using high levels of LS past 20. -Players Pets with long names have been trimmed. -Catch up lag making people run fast has been fixed ** OTHER ** -Poison no longer holds the boss "tag" if more than 10 spaces away. -Pickup Pets now despawn when you die. Dieing and letting your pet pick up your deathdrop isn't what we intended. -QualityOrb(S) + (M) in GameShop

** DROP FILE CHANGES ** -Level Bosses now have different drop files based on their difficulty. A level10 TurtleKing doesn't drop the same as a level10 OrcLord -Level 200-250 boxes are now included in a lot more bosses drop files -Level 200-250 Boxes are now in more mob drop files at better rates ** INSTANCE ** -Bosses have had their base HP increased to help with scaling in insane. -Insane drop files have been improved with boxes up to 250 -Spiders poison in SpiderDomain has had their poison reduced by 60% damage. -BlackRockCave spawns a lot less archers -Instance daily cap increased to 15. ** ARENA ** -Arena now gives you a PvPTrinket (Mudwall/Ginko Slot) based on your PvP rating. The Medal lasts 4 days. There are the following varients - acc, agil, hp%, mp%, crit rate, crit dmg You win a Medal 1/1, but varient is random. The higher your rating, the more rating you win/lose. Example: (Base) Rating: 1000. Win = 30. Loss = -22 (+16 wins) Rating: 1500. Win = 20. Loss = -13 (+25 wins) Rating: 2000. Win = 10. Loss = -4 (+50 wins) Rating: 2500+ Win = 5. Loss = -3 91 Wins 0 loses to get 2500+ rating. Medals improve for every 100 rating you climb.

- Leaving Instance group bug fix - Heroic and Insane instance has a different entry level to queue now - Assassin backstab effect will no longer appear from the target sides, effect will only show when you hit the target from behind, other passives will now proc from the target sides - MagicShield Effect has been changed to blue - Server general Performance enhancements

** NEW CAVE ** [MirGodPassage] - Group cave. Extremely challenging mobs, only the highest levels will be able to **attempt** this. Boss: MirGod. Loot is well worth it with 100% chance to drop a rare. Long respawn time. [LevelinCave] - Leveling Caves have had a redesign. They are now all the same map making it consistant across the levels. New areas for level 220+ and 240+ have been added. XP is High, but spawn density is lower than before. Mobs no longer level up. ** NEW ITEMS ** -New item sets up to level 252 with both Offense and Defense [*] versions. ..Crazed / Innocent / Conurer / Hammer / Monk / Wise. -OldSkoolItems last teir is now at level 245. ** NEW GAMESHOP ITEMS ** -ExpPotion(MEGA) is now in the shops giving +30% XP Boost (GG only) -Drop Potion(S) is now in the shops (GG only) We have decided not to add any more Item Sets to the Gameshop, and instead offer exclusive XP / Drop rate potions. We feel this system will work better for the game going forward. ** DOWNTIME COMPENSATION ** On next login, you will be given a 4 day expiry Potion that gives +30% XP +20% Drop rate. ** OTHER ** -Lvl1-65 XP reduced by 50% -Spawns reworked in many areas. -Rift is now 20 floors. Heroic and Insane made harder with better trinkets. -EvilCentipede poison is less deadly. -Drop Rate has been re-worked. The new system places more value on Season+Potion buffs before Mob+Itemshards. ** BUG FIX ** -Luck was not calculating properly, and 8 was better than 20. -Your pets will now pick up high level loot boxes -You must now be near the Instance boss to be able to roll on loot. -All Party members must accept before starting the instance. -Wizard Clone now teleports to master if they change map.

** NEW CURRENCY ** -All Subs and Bosses will now drop either Justic Points of Valor Points scrolls. These scrolls award 100 of the above currency points. You are capped at 5000 points. The weekly limit for Justic points is 50,000, and the weekly Valor cap for Valor is 5,000. There are 2x new Vendor NPCs in town where you can spend your currency. ** NEW ITEMS ** -3x new item sets with Def and Att versions (Lizard, Drum, Negate) for level ranges 218-228 -36x new unique items added to the database. These items are unique to different boss groups. For example there will only be 3 bosses that can drop the dc/mc/sc version of the helmet. The boss drops an expiry version of the item with 15% buffed stats at a very common rate. These items expire in 1 day. -6x new ACTUAL item sets with Set bonuses - Imperial, Ritual, Time (level 195-205) Ogres, Past, Ghost (level225-235) These new items may seem weak on their own, but together they will make you super strong. These items can only be found from the Justic and Valor vendor. Justic Vendor sells 7 day expiry versions of this item, but they have their stats buffed by 15%. Valor sells permenant versions of these items. ** NEW TOWN ** -Castle GI is a new town for level 100+ The area is not yet populated with monsters... they are building up their forces... stay ready! ** DROP FILES ** -OrcLord and OrcKing have had their drop files made better. -EvilMir now drops more gold. It drops between 4.4mil - 21.4mil per kill depending on your luck. -All bosses have had a small revision to their drop files whilst adding the unique items to them -All bosses now drop EXP Pills more often, harder the boss better the pill -OmaKing and Fox items removed from high level bosses as they are low level items.

** GENERAL CHANGES ** -QualityOrbs changed.. downgrade chance is now 10/6/4/2/0% for normal - XL -EvilMir no longer does x5 damage to pets (People were not taking the time to figure out the AI, and felt it was buggy) -Paralord items have had PvP Power and Resillence Buffed to 8 per item. ** CRAFTING ** -You can now disasemble Gems and Orbs for Crafting materials. You can use these crafting materials to craft RandomOrbBoxes ** BALANCE CHANGES ** -Protection Ring, now does 20% damage to HP, and 180% damage to MP. -Reflect now makes you take 25% of the damage, but still reflects the same amount of damage back. Cooldown is now 1sec, up from 0.5 -The following stats now have Diminishing returns. This means, the more of the same stat you stack, the less effective it is. Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Reflect, Life Steal. This change means your items still have the same value in terms of gold, but will help balance for those stacking the same stat. ** OTHER ** -Gold now drops on the floor again. Up to 2,000 goes straight into your bag. -Guild Tax has an extra option to set a per Member daily limit. -Guild Tax Gold contribution is now done based on your level. For every 2 levels, you will contribute 1% of your auto-gold-to-bag earnings (Up to a max of 100%) -Pet options are now changed to the following options: 1. Everything 2. Gold (inc gold bars etc) 3. Gems 4. Orbs 5. LootBoxes 6. Potions 7. SunPotions 8. Shards 9. Items (weaps/arm/rings etc) ** BUG FIX ** -Hitting someone with a pro ring now shows damage rather than blocked. -Paragon stat bonus fixes -IceStorm damage vs monster fixed

- Reverted Gold / Chest Change Pick up option in pets (It will be gold only now) - Adjusted gold drops you will be having more gold going into your bag directly from killing normal monsters, Guild Taxes will only be applied on this value. - Guild Tax will only work on gold going directly to your bag (Being lower than 50k) - Removed Para Effect from AOE spells (CrossHalfMoon & CrescentSlash)

- Guild Tax * Guild Stats Tab has two new options for Guild members with recruit member role * Checkbox (Members Gold Tax 10%) - Takes 10% from guild members gold gained and deposit it directly to guild bank gold. * Tax Limit Per day - The maximum amount of gold to gain from taxes per day * To enable guild tax you simply click on the checkbox and press on ok button next to the tax limit per day value. - TM Collect all Feature * Through View Consignments when you press on Get Button without selecting an item, it prompt you a confirmation to collect all sold auctions. - Pets * Fixed item pick ups grade issue * Disabled Pet Pick ups in safezone * Changed Gold Pet pick up option to Gold & Boxes (Which forces pet loot gold and boxes only) - Merchants * Disabled Grade & Sockets upgrade to items bought with gold from merchants - Others * Adjusted client regex check to match forums password regex format - Mapevents * Fixed Critical Bug with mapevents creation (Aimed For next update we have 10 map events to implement on different maps and caves) - Shards * Strong Shards has been fixed, they now gives you % increase to your primary max attribute

-[Bug Fix] EXPNecky/ReflectionNecky/LuckyCharmboots/Speedboots now all have 6 durability. They can be repaired, but not special repaired. They still break on death -[Bug Fix] EXP in Heroic/Insane instances are now fixed. -[Bug Fix] Pets had a scaling issue in Heroic / Insane instances, this is now fixed. -[Balance] LifeSteal stat is too powerful and ruining the game. So we have choosen to make another adjustment as follows: LifeGain can only happen once every 0.5secs. This stops it from being instant max HP in AOE, LifeGain strength is 33% vs monsters, 25% vs players, and 5% vs bosses. We'll continue to monitor how this change affects the game. We want the stat to remain strong and viable, but not ruin the strength of bosses. -[Balance]Monster XP now longer suffers from when you over level... this means a hen will give 5 XP at level 1 all the way to 200. -[Drops] All bosses on Page 3 + 4 have been made stronger and into more end game Bosses meaning they are A LOT stronger and aimed at level 200 ish. Their drop files have been revamped and made a lot better. -Sub boss spawn rate have been doubled and improved drop rate of the standard items you get on the way to 200. -[New] Paralord is now ingame! This is a 3 hour spawning monster in a small area designed to prompt big fights. It shouts on spawn, and is delayed teleport. With this comes a new Item Set - Paralord items. 2 versions; 3 hour expiry with 10% buffed stats / and a perm version. These items are focused around PvP and have Resillence (less damage vs players) and PvPPower (More damage vs players). They are around 15% weaker than Mir items vs Monsters, but 20% stronger vs players than Mir items. There are 3 Paralord rooms.. each with slightly better drop rate so that 1 guild cannot monopolize them all. -[New] Hardentorchs are now ingame. (S) Drop from Subs and Bosses. (L) are in Gameshop for Gold/GG. -[New] Orc Cave is now ingame aimed at level 210+

- RelicArmour(F), AncientArmour(F), StealthArmour(F) drop rates all increased - EvilMir and LunarKing damage nerfed a bit, was probably over tuned and has ruined the fights - 4 More Weekly Season quests added ... we dont expect you to be able to do them all, but if you can good job - EXP in Leveling caves have been increased, was a bit low compared to other caves considering gold cost - Poison cloud has received 25% buff, but cooldown chnaged to 5secs - Deva damage rate increased by 20% - Soulfireball damage increased by 10% - Pet damage to player increased by 5% - Shinsu/Skele/Deva now scale off masters AC/AMC by 40% instead of 30%. - BladeAvalanche damage decreased by 10% - Counterattack cooldown increased from 40secs to 45secs - MagicBooster cap has been increased (As level 2 was reaching the cap) - Applied Fixes to AutoPatcher where to fails to delete OldClient.exe - Shoulderdash dashing mechanism has been tweaked - FrostCrunch Range has been increased to match other spell ranges - All buffing spells range has been increased a little

-OldOma items images fixed -Spawns increased in Spiders Domain 1F -Spider Domain boss (RME) now spawns in the middle instead of random -Bug fix to earlier server crash -Drop files added to Lunar Sub/Boss -Drop files added to Frozen temple sub/boss ---SPAWNS --- -Lunar Cave respawns increased -Lower level caves have had some spawns lowered by 10-20% as less populated now -Some caves had double respawns which wasnt intended, these are now removed. ---BALANCE --- - Sun Potions lowered to 150 / 225 / 300. - Hero weapons (DSS, Dstaff, SOWG, Templarknives, Heavensword etc) have been given a luck/acc/agil buff, they felt underwelming considering their rarity vs other weapons ingame. We want these weapons to be unique stats, not just balls out DC MC SC - Mir item accessories have received a DC MC SC 2-2 buff to allign with other items. - MR changed. Max MR is now 25, which will be 25% to resist magic attacks. - PR Changed. Max PR is now 25, which will be 25% to resist poison attacks. - Freezing changed. Max freezing is now 50, which will be 50% to freeze/slow. - Poison attack changed. Max freezing is now 50, which will be 50% to freeze/slow. - Curse rate reduced to 25% on players, 35% chance on mobs, cooldown reduced from 7secs > 4secs. - Lowered level up/down range to 15 levels below, instead of 20. ----Coding ---- - Paragon Experience Bar Library Fix - Pets Pick up speed has been increased - Level up on PK feature now works on brown players aswell - Group Queue should be fixed now - LunarKing has been buffed - alot - EvilMir has been buffed - alot - Mobs on way to EvilMir has been buffed - Both have had drop adjustments to balance the increased difficulty

- HP Drain stat has been nerfed from 100% to 25%. - Removed Luck+1 PA+1 Freezing+1 from AltairBlades, this was an error and doesnt fit with the other items. - Insect and Spider Instances wasn't closing and giving Season Quest Win , now fixed. - Spider Instance now has monsters! (had none before) - Slow and freeze now works in PvP - EvilMir can now be poisoned (at your peril) and HP buffed slightly, drops adjusted to reflect this - Newbie guild will only keep putting you back up to level 20 instead of 60 - Clone run speed nerfed, was 0.1secs now 0.5secs per step. - Skele / Shinsu / Deva walk speed now faster. Was 1.5secs each step, now 0.8. - Adjusted PvP Miss rates (Melee and Ranged) both now has a chance to land hits if the target is moving however miss rate is higher than the landing rate. - New Season Quest Types (Kill Any Monster, Consume Gems, Consume Orbs) - Increased Rage & Protection Field & Magic Booster Duration to 60 seconds, Doubled their MP Usage. - Flash Dash Adjusting toggling so it will hit more often without the need to spam, added a small CD to it

- ShadowStep /Slashing Burst / Blink fixed in a lot of maps - Mudwall / Ginko now fixed, you can re-take the amulet - SnowCave Spawns increased, timer lowered - Training Rooms are now sz for skill leveling - Fix applied to reduce mob lag - Awakening no longer has chance to break item - Bosses threat table removed, this was causing a negative effect where boss wouldn't change target properly. - Fixed Instance Disposing issue - Fixed Blizzard Animation Clientside - Addressed Team Queue issue - Daily Depraved Quest fixed with right mobs --- SPELL ADJUSTMENTS --- * Warrior - Normal Melee hit - 130% Damage - Slaying - 250% damage - Thrusting - 170% damage - Ignores AC. - HalfMoon - 190% damage, 4 target AoE - TwinDrakeBlade - 140% damage per hit. Double hit. 2nd Hit ignores AC. - FlamingSword - 360% damage. 7sec CD. - CrossHalfMoon - 160% damage. 8 target Aoe - BladeAvalanche - 200% MAGIC Damage. - Counter Attack - Reduces damage by 40% and reflects 25% back. Lasts 10secs. 40secs CD. - SlashingBurst - 10 secs CD. - Rage - 17% extra Min and Max DC. 36 duration + cooldown. - ProtectionField - 17% extra Min and Max AC. 36 duration + cooldown. * Taoist... - UltimateEnhancer - Increases MC/SC/DC Stats. Time is based on SC. Value based on MinSC. * Assassin... - DarkBody - 150% damage. 60secs CD lvl1 -> 39secs CD at lvl3.